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This program is designed to help launch your wholesaling business or scale to new heights in the quickest time frame possible. We take the guesswork out of "what to do to start getting sales" and set you up with a business that's producing opportunities in days, not months.

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Here's what some of my clients are saying

Jeff B

Milwaukee, WI

Jerry F

Tampa, FL

"A few years ago I was thinking to myself I needed a way to get another stream of income. Ironically, a day or 2 later a good friend of mine (Shaun Young), invited me to meet him in Glendale, Az for a Flip2Freedom Conference. Not only did I learn a lot and meet amazing people at the conference, but Shaun was right by my side to explain everything that I had questions for. Through his leadership and guidance my spouse Kandice and myself were able to accomplish our goal. Though it took us a while to fully dedicate ourselves to the process, last November we closed our 1st deal and earned $10k at a time when the money was most needed. Mr. Young still remains a great friend and mentor! We appreciate you Shaun Young for introducing us to this way of doing business and helping us in life. Thank you!"

Richard & Kandice P

Phoenix, AZ

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